ZHIYU Original ZHIYU® 60W / 110W 9.99A 30V Constant Current Electronic Load Aging Battery Capacity Tester

Description: Simple and versatile electronic load ! Automatic memory function with all parameters, is well suited for automated assembly of the power adapter aging cabinet.In the sale of the latest version, slightly larger size and upgrade the fan into the original high speed dual bearing fan , higher cooling redundancy, more suitable for long hours!Note: This product is a professional testing equipment , requiring the user must have some basic electronic ( example: Users should understand what is the meaning of the voltage and current capacity Ah , etc. ) , or you may be unable to properly use the device , possibly mishandled cause unnecessary damage caused by the test device loss!Power supply requirement: DC12V voltage (actual voltage 11-14V) current is not less than 0.5A of power, the power will be displayed inappropriate " Err6"Note: The default power adapter is not included, the shell of 110W will be upgraded to silver color !Operating modes: single mode constant current (CC)Discharge current: 0.20-9.99A stepper 0.1A or0.01ADischarge current maximum error: 0.7% +-0.01AThe maximum capacity test error: 0.5A 2.5%, 2A 1.5%, 5A and above 1.2%Offline (termination) Voltage Range: 1.0-25.0V stepping 1V or 0.1VDischarge voltage: 1.00-30.00VThe maximum voltage measurement error: 1% + - 0.02VMaximum power: 60W super power automatically limits the maximum current (for example, up to 60W when it can open 9.99A 6V and 20V maximum at the only open 3.00A)Highest battery test statistic:

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